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Decoding Cancer, Enhancing Futures.


Precision & Innovation

At SpearPoint, our core is rooted in precision and ceaseless innovation. In the vast landscape of healthcare, even the slightest discrepancy can result in significant consequences. Our PCAI technology exemplifies our dedication to ensuring that every prognosis is pinpoint accurate.


Further, our zeal for innovation propels us forward. In a dynamic arena like oncology, complacency doesn't have a place. We tenaciously chase advancements, ensuring our solutions consistently surpass the global standards of cancer prognosis. For SpearPoint, precision and innovation aren't mere ideals; they're essential to providing unparalleled care.

Patient-Centric Care

Every choice at SpearPoint is centered on the patient's well-being. We recognize that behind each data point lies an individual, a narrative, and loved ones seeking clarity. Our PCAI solution was crafted with a deep understanding of the distinct concerns tied to prostate cancer.


By emphasizing patient-centered care, our goal extends beyond precise prognoses to facilitating a journey that's smooth and alleviates anxiety. For us, patients aren't merely on the receiving end; they're integral collaborators in their health trajectory.

Operational Excellence

Delivering groundbreaking products requires more than just innovation; it demands a consistent level of excellence in every operation. At SpearPoint, operational excellence isn't just about efficiency; it's about ensuring that every process, from research to product deployment, is held to the highest standard.


This commitment ensures that our PCAI product remains reliable, efficient, and of unparalleled quality. In a field where time and reliability can mean the difference between life and death, SpearPoint’s operational excellence ensures that our partners and patients can trust us, every step of the way.


Meet the Partners

Introducing our remarkable team: a harmonious fusion of seasoned professionals and visionary innovators. Fueled by a spirit of collaboration, we marry decades of experience with a progressive approach, consistently bringing forward pioneering solutions in cancer prognostics.

Executive Officer

Essential catalyst, enabled foundational success.



Strategy Officer

Strategic helm, directs company strategy and direction.





Sales & Marketing

Oversees product development & Project Manages R&D. 

Technology Officer

Machine Learning and Digital PCAI Product Expert. 



World Class

Medical & Scientific Team