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SpearPoint Analytics AB is a privately owned limited company, based and incorporated in Sweden. The content on this website is for general informational purposes and should not be taken as an invitation or inducement to invest in SpearPoint Analytics AB. Prospective investors interested in exploring investment opportunities can contact our team at for further information.


It is crucial to understand that investing in any company, particularly in its early stages, involves inherent risks. Potential investors should conduct their own thorough due diligence and consider seeking advice from professional advisors. Investments in companies like SpearPoint Analytics AB carry the potential for profit and loss, and investors should be aware that their capital is at risk.



Investing in SpearPoint Analytics offers a unique opportunity to be part of a pioneering venture in the medical technology field.


Our company stands at the forefront of transforming prostate cancer prognosis through the Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Index (PCAI), a groundbreaking innovation leveraging advanced AI and machine learning. This technology addresses a critical need in healthcare, offering a more precise and reliable prostate cancer prognosis, thus filling a significant gap in current medical practices.


With a patient-centric approach and a commitment to precision and operational excellence, SpearPoint is not just a business investment; it's a chance to positively impact patient outcomes and advance global health standards.

To find out more, please feel free to email our team using the following link:

Last updated: 27 NOV 2023


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